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Natural Casing Jumbo - 16 oz Package
5 Pieces Per Package

Daisy Brand Natural Casing Frankfurters are a long-time Chicago favorite. A perfectly seasoned combination of pork, and beef are stuffed into natural casings, hand linked and fully cooked over hickory smoke.

The result is a delicious and juicy Frankfurter that you'll be amazed by. They are great cooked on the grill, as well as steamed, simmered, or microwaved. try them and experience what a truly great Frankfurter tastes like. Serve it Chicago Style on a poppy seed bun, garnished with mustard, onions, tomato, cucumber, sport peppers, and celery salt. This is not your typical hot dog!

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FNC4 Natural Casing Jumbo - 16 oz Package $9.95 (1-866-65DAISY)

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